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“The Dreamer” continues Justin’s ambitious recording catalogue blending lush writing with the latest production techniques.  Continuing his association with the Piatti String Quartet and introducing some of the jazz scene’s most renowned artists see’s Swadling produce a world class audio product.

Swadling flawlessly links bold writing with sensitive improvisation to create balanced compositions which naturally flow from one wonderfully singable melody to the next.  The musical interplay between guest vocalist Emma Smith and Swadling on the tracks “Isabelle” and “Nightfall” is breathtaking and hears Swadling’s playing elevate to a new high.

Alto Saxophone _ Justin Swadling

Electric Guitar _ Mike Outram

Piano/Synth Bass _ Mike Gorman

Drums _ Liam Waugh

Strings _ The Piatti Quartet

Guest Vocalist _ Emma Smith


Written and Produced by Justin Swadling


A Place to Be is the first collaboration between British saxophonist Justin Swadling and the multi award winning string ensemble, Piatti Quartet. Written by Swadling in 2015, this new composition sees the introduction of many pioneering techniques in performance and recording. The outstanding sonic qualities of this record allow the listener to be fully submerged into a cinematic type experience full of mystery and intrigue.

This new work sees the Piatti Quartet employ a host of extended techniques designed to mimic the percussive sounds of legendary drum grooves and soul influenced bass lines. Indeed the extraordinary blend of alto saxophone and string quartet has paved the way to discovering many unique flavours genuinely bridging the gap between classical music and more contemporary genres. “

Alto Saxophone _ Justin Swadling

Violin 1 | Nathaniel Anderson-Frank

Violin 2 | Michael Trainor

Viola - David Wigram

Cello | Jessie Ann Richardson

Written and Produced by Justin Swadling

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