The Dreamer _ Online Release

I think it's fair to say we're living in strange times and perhaps now that people are cooped up in their homes music have never been so important. A window to the outside world that can remind us of what we've lost and what we have to look forward to. Speaking with some people in the past I've struggled to convince them of why music is so important and powerful. Trapped in their homes now they are possibly rethinking that viewpoint and I hope taking comfort and strength from the many recorded works available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms. I can't help but find it ironic that a resource that is so important to people right now in lifting their spirits was created by

New products delivered to APM Music & Liquid Cinema _ Inside Tracks

Thrilled to see both of these great library products hit the shelves. We've had so much fun creating these instrumental compilations creating new soundscapes perfect for film and TV. In the new studio now which has given me tremendous freedom to start creating all sorts of new productions. It's also great to work with colleagues such as Adam Wakeman and Joe Rodwell on these to share the load and the creative input. It makes for a very exciting time :)

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