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New Single, Into The Light, featuring Rick Wakeman

33Jazz records is excited to announce the brand new single by contemporary jazz musician Justin Swadling featuring legendary prog rock keyboardist Rick Wakeman

“The new single, Into The Light, will be available from Friday May 14th streaming on all digital music platforms”

This terrific collaboration brings together Swadling’s already mighty talent to create an outstanding record with the soloistic talents of a true British legend. The progressive rock influences are clearly present from the very beginning blended expertly with the soulful jazz flavour that Swadling has becoming associated with resulting in an exciting fusion of musical genres.

In 2015 Justin earned praise across the jazz world for his groundbreaking album, A Place to Be, written for alto saxophone and string quartet. The album was applauded for it’s daring and experimental writing with Downbeat magazine describing the record, “As Charlie Parker's work with strings, A Place to Be creates a new, distinctive sound”.

In 2020 Justin released the first in a series of recordings from what is now being referred to as the “Red Gables” sessions. The Dreamer (EP) was the first of those recordings featuring new music and guest vocalist Emma Smith on the track “Isabelle”.

After such a dark time for the world Swadling wishes to bring about a sense of hope in his music and send a message to all that we might soon begin to venture back “Into The Light”. The creation of this record has taken place throughout the many coronavirus lockdowns during 2020 and attempts to encapsulate both the light and dark moments of this extraordinary time.


Saxophone _ Justin Swadling, Synthesiser_ Rick Wakeman, Guitar _ Mike Outram,

Organ _ Mike Gorman, Drums _ Liam Waugh

Written & Produced by Justin Swadling


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