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ON THE ROAD | Podcast Series

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of my new podcast series, On The Road. The first three episodes of which went live on Monday and has been greatly received by musicians and muggles alike.

The series explores the hidden depths of musos on tour and get to grips with some of the more tragic elements of the job which unsurprisingly makes for an incredibly funny listen.

Contributors Fenton Breezley, Max Pregergast, Aubrey Daviere and Darius Hawke all take turns to tell stories, booked ended with some wonderful, previously unreleased, broadcast music written and recorded by Don Innes in late 60's.

On The Road, is available on iTunes along with a list of reputable podcast apps for multiple devices and computers. Just search "On The Road" "Justin Swadling"

For a direct link to the RSS feed website visit;

Make sure to subscribe on iTunes, Facebook or Podbean to get a reminder of Episodes 4's release on Monday 23rd October.


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