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New Cannonball Saxophone

It's been many years since I've considered changing my instrument. I first bought my Cannonball GA-BS when I was at college 12 years ago. It's been a superb instrument for the whole time being totally reliable despite what torture I've put it through.

I wasn't looking to change my instrument but by chance, on a visit to Dawkes Music in Maidenhead, I came across something quite special.

Last year I changed my mouthpiece to a Theo Wanne NY Bros 7 which was a revelation in itself, however, pairing this with Cannonball's Vintage reborn alto was explosive to say the least. These two pieces of gear just seemed to click and I discovered a totally new level of access to tone, tuning and the altissimo register. This isn't to say my previous cannonball didn't possess these things however the complete setup of mouthpiece, reed (vandoren Java 3 unfiled) and saxophone is simply a combination that seems totally in focus with itself.


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